Movie to be released on Saturday

The official release of the movie ”The Onionseed Street Kill’ is going to be released on the coming Saturday that is the 19th of July 2014. For those who want further information regarding our movie


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Movie releasing on Friday

The much awaited thriller movie is being released this ‘Friday’. During the premier we have got some very awesome reviews for our short film. Our critics (unprofessional) rated it a 9/10 :p and our team is looking forward for the publics response on our short film. Once again you can like our movie page at

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For those who missed it!

For those who missed our official trailer of the indian short movie ‘The Onionseed Street Kill’ can take a look at it below

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Please watch the indian short movie when it releases. Till then please remain engaged for more updates on our short film at our facebook page.

Our trailer has been released!!

The trailer of the much awaited short film movie created by PECwich Productions has been released.

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The Onionseed Street Kill

Seeking tryst with truth
Seeking tryst with truth

This story is about a fresh college pass-out (screen name-Siddharth) who is friends with a person (screen name-Aryan) ever since his college days. Aryan’s character is pretty lively and charismatic when in the presence of company and pretty dull,monotonous and expressionless when alone. On the other hand Siddharth’s character is cheerful and social.
Siddharth is the only son of an important chief minister. Aryan and      Siddharth’s father are presumably close to each other. The ministers house is bombed which brings the CBI team and their harsh interrogations into the picture.

Who did it?

Why do you think so?

What was the persons motive?

What was the persons motive?

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